A microtonal tunable piano, allowing for arbitrary N-ET step (incl. half-step) sharps and flats, individually in each piano key of the octave of the selected scale family (Key Tuning, In-app), along with N-ET pitch shift, for adjustable N. It further, features (97+)-key Piano (with octaves' shift), Button Keys (In-app) instead of Piano Keys, and contains Piano, Isokratis voice, and ability to add your own Isokratis voices (In-app), and synthetic Choir sounds, Metronome, Chrononome, Virtual LCD, different Reference Frequencies (e.g. A4 440 Hz, C4 256 Hz, C4 220 Hz), 12-ET (Western Music) and Byzantine Scales' selection capabilities, and many more.

Isokratis PA is the definition of digital Isokratis for Byzantine Music. It features 12 keys, which can be programmed according to the 72ET scales of Committee 1881 (12-10-8 etc.), Chrysanthos (12-9-9 etc.), Didymos (12-11-7 etc.) and European (12-12-6 etc.). For more information on the scales please see our articles in Psaltiki.gr [http://psaltiki.gr/papers]. Isokratis also features pitch shift in 2 72ET-cents steps from -36 to 36, and pressed key frequency display. The fade-in/fade-out of the sound while pressing/releasing the buttons can be also programmed for a fast and smooth sound response. There is also volume control, and no stop button as pressing again the pressed button, stops smoothly the sound. The isokratis can be used to keep the isokratima (ison, ίσον) for home or school practice by the student, teacher and chanter of the Psaltiki Art (Byzantine Music).

Piano Psaltiko (Πιάνο Ψαλτικό) is an app for Windows Phone (only in Greek). It features 72-ET and non-tempered scales of the Committee 1881 of the Ecumenical Patriarchate (established/official byzantine music scales), as well as the western 12-ET scale for comparison.