A microtonal tunable piano, allowing for arbitrary N-ET step (incl. half-step) sharps and flats, individually in each piano key of the octave of the selected scale family (Key Tuning, In-app), along with N-ET pitch shift, for adjustable N. It further, features (97+)-key Piano (with octaves' shift), Button Keys (In-app) instead of Piano Keys, and contains Piano, Isokratis voice, and ability to add your own Isokratis voices (In-app), and synthetic Choir sounds, Metronome, Chrononome, Virtual LCD, different Reference Frequencies (e.g. A4 440 Hz, C4 256 Hz, C4 220 Hz), 12-ET (Western Music) and Byzantine Scales' selection capabilities, and many more.


Isokratis Piano was developed for the following objectives: 

  • musicological research on the micro intervals,
  • accurate ear/voice tuning on the micro intervals,
  • assisting in the teaching of the Byzantine Music (Psaltiki),
  • assisting in the learning of the Byzantine Music, and
  • ison voice companion in the home practice of Byzantine Music


Isokratis Piano's 23-page User's Guide for the Release 8 is now available: