Release 4 of the Isokratis Piano is out, with the following changes:


* Metronome added

* Configurable N (N-ET) from 12-99999 (decimal cents)

* Pitch Shift in steps of configurable N-ET cents

* Release Time bug fixed




Isokratis Piano is the absolute music tool for the Psalti (Chanter) or Student of the Byzantine Music or for the Musician or Student of the European Music. It features 97-key Piano (with octaves' shift), and contains Isokratis, Piano and Synthetic Choir sounds, Chrononome, Metronome, N-ET Pitch Shift, different Reference Frequencies (e.g. A4 440 Hz, C4 256 Hz, C4 220 Hz), and Scales' selection capabilities. It also features, among other features, digital Display for the notes' frequencies, and capability of depicting N-ET musical distance between notes.


App features

Scales: Committee 1881 of the Ecumenical Patriarchate (72-ΕΤ), Committee 1881 of the Ecumenical Patriarchate (non-tempered), Chrysanthos of Madytos (non-tempered), Didymos (non-tempered), 12-ΕΤ

Sounds: Piano, Isokratis 1 (human voice), Synthetic Choir 1, Synthetic Choir 2

Chrononome (Byzantine) with virtual "LED" and sound

Metronome (European)

N-ET cents (decimal numbers) with adjustable N from 12-99999

Pitch Shift in steps of configurable N-ET cents

97-key Piano, C0-C8 or G0-G8 (with octaves’ shift) with Piano sound

2-4 full octaves' display (with Piano sound)

Release Time adjustment

Virtual "LCD" displaying useful information

Musical distance between the Keys / Keys' frequencies on top of the Keys

Personal Settings saving capability

Key labels choice: Byzantine Music Martyrias, Tone names (Ni, Pa, Vou, ...), European notation (Do, Re, Mi, ...), American (US) notation (C, D, E, …)


4 different reference frequencies (Ke/A 440, Ni/C 261.63, Ni/C 256, Ni/C 220)

Continuous key press mode (for Isokratis and Synthetic Choir sounds)

Volume Control (logarithmically, and independent of computer’s volume control)

Keyboard help (piano keys - keyboard keys correspondence appearance) / Keys' size change

Adjustable app width (to be used in parallel with your favorite eBook reader), Background image selection

Multi-touch, Keyboard, Mouse input