Release 6

Dear friends,

Release 6 of Isokratis Piano is out (User's Guide). In Release 6 a new In-app "Button Keys" was added.

Button Keys are to be used instead of the Piano Keys for Isokratema. They are of adjustable size, and are capable of multi-touch (hover mode), or single touch (hold mode), similar to the Piano keys. You can also independently tune each Button Key using the Key Tuning In app.

In Release 6, the Button Keys (as well as the Chroas) In-app is FREE.

If you have any problems updating Isokratis Piano to the latest Release please see here (Troubleshooting).


   Download from Microsoft Windows Store


See all the features in brief:

1. Key Tuning (Scale Tuner): Programmable N-ET microtonal step (incl. half-step) tuned sharps and flats, individually in each piano key (In-app ); Load/Save tunings

2. Scales: 12ΕΤ, Byzantine Scales (Committee 1881, Chrysanthos), Didymos (non-tempered)

3. Sounds: Piano, Isokratis 1 (single human voice), synthetic Choir 1, synthetic Choir 2

4. Ability to Load/Play your own .wav Isokratis' voices “Your Ison” (In-app), taking advantage of the app's vast capabilities (piano soundboard)

5. Metronome (European), Chrononome (Byzantine) with virtual "LED" and sound

6. Pitch Shift in steps of configurable N-ET intervals

7. N-ET steps/cents (decimal numbers) with adjustable N from 12-99999

8. 97-key Piano (+optional B#, E# black keys), C0-C8 or G0-G8 (with octaves’ shift), 2-4 full octaves' display (with Piano sound)

9. Button Keys (In-app) for Isokratis functionality

10. Release Time adjustment

11. Continuous key press mode, for Isokratis and Synthetic Choir sounds

12. Byzantine Piano (with Byzantine Scales)

13. Chroas (In-app, free)

14. Virtual LCD displaying useful information

15. Tone intervals between the Keys, Keys' frequencies on top of the Keys, Personal Settings saving capability

16. Key labels choice: Byzantine Music Martyrias, Tone names (Ni, Pa, Vou, ...), European notation (Do, Re, Mi, ...), American (US) notation (C, D, E, …)

17. 4 different reference frequencies (Ke/A 440, Ni/C 261.63, Ni/C 256, Ni/C 220)

18. Volume Control (logarithmically, and independent of computer’s volume control)

19. Keyboard help (piano keys - keyboard keys correspondence appearance) / Keys' size change

20. Adjustable app width (to be used in parallel with your favorite eBook reader), Background image selection

21. Multi-touch, Keyboard, Mouse input


See here the key tuning in action!